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  • 5 to 25 hp complete with six popular options 
  • Ready to ship for fast turn around
  • Five (5) year warranty on Pump, Tank & Motor

A-Series Compressors 

Designed for use with: 
  • Single stage, two cylinder, pressure lubricated compressor
  • Bulk Material Handling For Engine Starting
    For Mines Air
    For Well head Servicing
    Petroleum Refineries
    Plant Air and Vacuum

Centurion II 

  • 5-7.5-10-15 hp
  • Splash Lubricated
  • Two-stage Design
  • 100% Cast Iron Compressor Pump
  • Horizontal or Vertical air receivers


Climate Control Air Packages 

  • For Pneumatically Controlled Climate Systems
    Climate Control brochure
  • Low operating RPM
  • Lower operating temperatures with multi-finned cylinders
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Industrial Grade Intake Filter

Command Air Compressors

Command Air Brochure

  • ½ to 5 hp
  • Designed for
    Smaller industrial plants
    Small automotive service centers

Gas & Diesel Engine Driven Compressors

Gas - Diesel Engine Driven Compressor Brochure

  • 8 to 35 hp
  • Efficient Belt Drive
  • Totally enclosed belt guard
  • 5 year Compressor Pump Warranty
  • Designed for Service Trucks, Remote Locations, Emergency production lines

MTO II Oil-Less Air Compressors
MTO II Oil-less Compressor Brochure

  • .75 to 5 hp
  • Engineered for 100% duty cycle
  • V-belt driven durability
  • Designed for
    Healthcare facilities
    Instrumentation & Laboratory applications
    Wherever pure, environmentally clean compressed air is needed

    V & W Industrial Oil-less Air Compressors          

V & W Oil-less Industrial Compressors

  • Engineered for 100% duty cycle
  • V-belt driven durability
  • Designed for Healthcare facilities, Instrumentation & Laboratory applications
    Wherever pure, environmentally clean compressed air is needed
  • 5 hp to 15 hp

R & PL  Series Compressors

  • 1.5 to 35 hp
  • Engineered for dependable, long life
  • User-friendly design
  • R and PL Series Compressor BrochureSingle-stage and two-stage options
  • Tank-mounted or Base-mounted options
  • Duplex Compressors
  • Engine Driven compressors
  • Bare Compressor Pumps
  • Wide selection of configurations for many automotive and industrial applications

Value Plus Compressor
Value Plus brochure

  • 5 to 15 hp
  • Gas or Electric Driven Compressors
  • Vibration free compressor pump
  • Splash Lubricated


Champion Evolution Brochure  Champion Evolution Series

  If you desire the advantages of a reciprocating compressor
  and the low noise of a rotary screw… it is time for you to meet Evolution




Download Free Brochures on CHAMPION AIR DRYERS   CLICK ON the brochure picture to download

Dryer Brochure


10-3000 scfm, Refrigerated Compressor Air Dryer Brochures

Hi-Temp Dryer Brochure


20-125 scfm High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryers Brochure


Single Tower Desiccant Dryer Brochure


5 - 30 sfcm, single tower Desiccant Air Dryers Brochure


Membrane Dryer Brochure  1-200 scfm, Membrane Air Dryers Brochure 



Heatless Desiccant Dryer Brochure3-50 scfm Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers Brochure



Download Free Brochures on CHAMPION AIR LINE FILTRATION     CLICK  to download


Champion filter brochure 

Compressed Air Filters Brochure 




Champion Mist Eliminator brochure


125 - 3000 scfm, Mist Eliminators Brochure 



 Oil Water Separator brochure

 Oil / Water Separators Brochure



Nitrogen Tire Inflation brochureNITROGEN TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM





ChampLub brochure

Food Grade Reciprocating Compressor Lubricant Brochure



Download a Free Champion Air Compressor Systems Brochure 

Champion Air System Catalogue


5-20 Screw Cover brochure

Champion 5 - 20 hp RotorChamp Brochure


Champion 5 & 7.5 hp Rotary Screw Compressor brochure 

Champion 5 - 7.5 hp RotorChamp Brochure  

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