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 Champion Synthetic Lubricants
In today’s competitive and challenging market - you need every advantage you can get! 

One simple, yet very significant advantage is selecting Quality Synthetic Compressor Lubricants
over conventional, mineral oil-based lubricants for your air compressor.
Three Biggest Pay-Offs in changing from mineral oil-based lubricants to Synthetic Compressor lubricants.
#1.  Lower Your Electric Bill by increasing energy efficiency
Compressor Synthetic Lubricants can actually reduce energy consumption in many applications, up to 9% as compared to conventional mineral oils.

   Here's how...
> Compressor Synthetic Lubricants help minimize friction between moving parts. ( less friction = less amp draw )
> Energy can be lost due to "churn" as mechanical parts move through oil: Compressor Synthetics Lubricants have a lower viscosity when compared to mineral counterparts of the same ISO viscosity grade , resulting in lower churn energy loss than a mineral oil.

#2. Get a Better Return on Your Investment by extending equipment life
When you lower the energy consumption with compressor synthetic lubricants you decrease friction which means less wear. Less wear = longer life.
Whether your equipment runs in extreme hot or in cold conditions, Compressor Synthetic Lubricants are more effective over a wider range of operating temperatures than mineral-based products.

>In very hot conditions, Compressor Synthetics remain thicker for better protection.  Champion lubricants are synthetic and do not degrade in high temperatures as fast as mineral-based oils. 

>In lower temperatures, Compressor Synthetics offer excellent flow characteristics, unlike mineral-based oils that tend to get too thick to flow well when cold and can limit protection to critical parts.

#3. Lower Maintenance Costs by using Less Labor & Materials
Compressor Synthetic Lubricants usually last up to 8-10 times longer than mineral oil equivalents. This translates into...
>Reduced oil purchases

>Less used-oil to dispose

>Fewer oil changes - fewer hours your maintenance team must spend on oil changes
>Decreased downtime because of lubricant-related problems such as valve maintenance.

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