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Champion Air Compressor Parts Manual
If you can't find your Champion air compressor pump manual - you should order a new one today.
Your manual is necessary for ordering correct parts & proper maintenance.

Champion Air Compressor Manuals

You will need the following information to get the correct manual for your Champion compressor parts:
1. MODEL NUMBER (located on a data tag on the tank)
2. SERIAL NUMBER (located on the PUMP)
3. DATE ON THE TANK (located on tank data tag)

PUMPS shown below will match the pump for the correct Champion air compressor parts manual.
PUMP MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER located opposite the flywheel on a metal tag attached by
2 screws to the bearing cover of the compressor.

Our Manuals come in a DOWNLOADABLE PDF format.
In celebration of our 39th Year - we are offering all the Manuals on our website FREE (a regular $25 value each).

NEW Champion Air Compressors come with the parts and operations manual. 

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