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 Champion Advantage Simplex  Reciprocating Air Compressor - 5 to 25 HP
The Champion Reciprocating Air Compressor Series packages come with the Champion THREE YEAR WARRANTY ON PUMP, TANK and MOTOR. Available with horizontal or space-saving vertical tanks. Affordable and dependable.
The Champion Advantage Series of Reciprocating Compressor units come mounted with many normally ordered accessories and are factory tested. 
Perfect for automotive services, industrial facilities, car washes, wood working shops and dry cleaners.

Duplex Air Compressors - 2 Compressors & 2 Motors on 1 Tank 
A Champion® Duplex Air Compressor can operate one compressor at a time, alternating between the two compressors, or when required, operate together to provide double the air delivered on a single unit. 
Used in automotive, industrial and commercial applications.

Gas & Diesel Engine Driven Portable Air CompressorsChampion Gas & Diesel Air Compressors 
Champion® Engine Driven Air Compressors  are designed for areas where electrical service is unavailable. 
Engine mounted compressors meet the needs of field or road service applications. 
Specific units are available to be operated with gas or diesel fuel. 
Five (5) Year pro-rated compressor pump warranty and a one (1) year package warranty.

Air Compressor Replacement PumpsChampion Replacement Pumps
Champion® Air Compressor Pumps are loaded with rugged features to deliver high performance, long life and tremendous value. Single stage pumps are typically used for pressures up to 125 pounds and two-stage compressor pumps are available up to 250 pounds.
1 year warranty when used as a replacement.

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Advantage Compressors
Duplex Advantage 5-10 HPDuplex units offer TWO Compressor Pumps
Gas & Diesel Portable CompressorsGas air compressors are great for work trucks, farms and construction sites.  Gasoline and Diesel Engine air compressors can operate where there is no electrical connection.
Replacement Pumps

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