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Champion Lubricated Compressors

Advantage Series Brochure

Advantage Series   
  • 5 to 25 hp complete with six popular options
  • Ready to ship for fast turn around.
  • Air Cooled Aftercooler (7.5 hp & above)
  • Auto Tank Drain
  • Low Oil Monitor
  • Magnetic Starter
  • Vibration Isolators
  • Dual Control (10 hp & above)
  • Five (5) year warranty on Pump, Tank & Motor

A-Series Compressors Brochure

A-Series Compressors 

  • Single stage, two cylinder, pressure lubricated compressor
  • Designed for use with: 
  • Bulk Material Handling
  • For Engine Starting
  • For Mines Air
  • For Well head Servicing
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Plant Air and Vacuum

Centurion II Brochure

Centurion II 

  • 5-7.5-10-15 hp
  • Splash Lubricated
  • Two-stage Design
  • 100% Cast Iron Compressor Pump
  • Horizontal or Vertical air receivers

Gas & Diesel Engine Driven Compressors Brochure

Gas & Diesel Engine Driven Compressors 

  • 8 to 35 hp
  • Efficient Belt Drive
  • Totally enclosed belt guard
  • 5 year Compressor Pump Warranty
  • Designed for
    Service Trucks
    Remote Locations
    Emergency production lines

R & PL Series Compressors Brochure

R & PL  Series Compressors 

  • 1.5 to 35 hp
  • Engineered for dependable, long life
  • User-friendly design
  • Single-stage and two-stage options
  • Tank-mounted or Base-mounted options
  • Duplex Compressors
  • Engine Driven compressors
  • Bare Compressor Pumps
  • Wide selection of configurations for many
    automotive and industrial applications

Climate Control Air Packages Brochure

Climate Control Air Packages  

  • For Pneumatically Controlled Climate Systems
  • Low operating RPM
  • Lower operating temperatures with multi-finned cylinders
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Industrial Grade Intake Filter

Value Plus Compressor Brochure

Value Plus Compressor 

  • 5 to 15 hp
  • Gas or Electric Driven Compressors
  • Vibration free compressor pump
  • Splash Lubricated

Champion Oil-less Air Compressor Brochures

MTO II Oil-Less Air Compressor Brochure

MTO II Oil-Less Air Compressors 

  • .75 to 5 hp
  • Engineered for 100% duty cycle
  • V-belt driven durability
  • Designed for Healthcare facilities, Instrumentation & Laboratory applications- wherever pure, environmentally clean compressed air is needed
  • Food Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Packaging and Processing
  • Industrial

V & W Industrial Oil-less Air Compressor Brochure

V & W Industrial Oil-less Air Compressors            

  • 5 hp to 15 hp
  • Engineered for 100% duty cycle
  • V-belt driven durability
  • Designed for
    Healthcare facilities
    Instrumentation & Laboratory applications
    Wherever pure, environmentally clean compressed air is needed

Champion Screw Air Compressor Brochures

Champion Rotorchamp Brochures

Champion 5 - 20 hp Rotorchamp    (click to download)

Champion 20 - 50 hp Rotorchamp  (click to download)

Rotor Champ design...
Without an efficient, durable airend, a unique compressor design means nothing. That’s why Champion designs and manufactures this critical component in house to exacting standards. The Enduro air end uses a belt-driven design, giving you added flexibility for changing discharge pressures, when necessary.

Tens of thousands of Enduro airends are in operation worldwide, proving that the heart of a RotorChamp compressor can stand the test of time.

Champion Air Dryers Brochures

Champion Compressed Air Filtration Brochures

CFF Series - Compressed Air FIlters  (click to download) 

CFG Series - General Purpose and High Efficiency Industrial Filters - 20-350 SCFM   (click to download)

CFE Series - Mist Eliminators for Oil FIltration - 125-3000 SCFM   (click to download)

Airborne contaminants from the atmosphere, such as dust, water vapor, and hydrocarbons enter the air system through the compressor intake. These contaminants, usually 4 million particles per cubic foot, can easily pass through a typical compressor intake filter since over 80% of these particles are less than 2 microns in size. The compressor also contributes to the problem with wear particles, oil vapor and fine aerosols that leak past glands and seals from the oil sump into the compression chamber.

Such contaminants in the air system can affect the efficient operation of pneumatic devices and, over time, damage them. Compressed air filters that are installed upstream of the air devices will remove most of these contaminants, as well as, most liquid water from the air system.

Other Champion Brochures Available


Champion Evolution Series

 If you desire the advantages of a reciprocating compressor and the low noise of a rotary screw… it is time for you to meet Evolution

 Compressed Air Filters Brochure   

 Oil / Water Separators Brochure

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Download Free Brochures on COMPRESSOR LUBRICANTS

Mineral-Synthetic-Food Grade  Reciprocating Compressor  Lubricant Brochure


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