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Ordering Outside USA

Steps to ordering Champion Air Compressors from 
in the USA and shipping outside USA: 

Freight Forwarders

1. is owned and operated by McGuire Air Compressors, Inc., an authorized Champion Air Compressor distributor.  We are able to work with most international customers to help them order and receive top quality Champion Air Compressor equipment, at competitive prices, made in the USA.

2.      Complete the following form and SUBMIT back to us with your order and/or request for a quote.
Make sure to include equipment part numbers and quantities you want to order.


1. Date


2. First Name

3. Last Name

4. Company/Business Name

5. What is your Email address?

6. To help price your request...

Please use any and all part numbers you may have for this order or offer a brief description of what you need.

7. What would you like to order?

8. What country would your order be shipped to?

9. Who is your freight forwarder that would receive your order from us?

We can ship to your specified freight forwarder's facility or container freight station in the continental USA. At the time of delivery to your freight carrier, the responsibility of shipping to your final destination moves into the hands of you and your freight forwarder. If you do not have a freight forwarder, we can suggest one.

10. What is your Mailing Address

11. Alternate Contact Information

What is another way to get in touch with you? Phone or Fax number?

12. What is the actual address where this would this would be shipped?

Contact us by Email: Other Contact Information
Phone:             1-336-229-9999
Fax:                 1-336-229-9998         

Mailing Address:  
c/o McGuire Air Compressors Inc.
P.O. Box 1100Graham NC  27253 

3.      Provide your contact name, email address, phone, fax, physical and shipping address.

We accept international payments via WIRE TRANSFERS from your bank to our bank.
Details for wire transfers and/or letter of credit will be sent later.
We are not able to accept foreign credit cards.

5.      Your price will include:
    -The product/equipment you want to order
    -Shipping to your designated Freight Forwarder

We ship your order to YOUR SPECIFIED FREIGHT CARRIER’S CFS (container freight station) in the continental USA. 
At that time the responsibility of shipping to your final destination moves into the hands of your freight forwarder.

If you do not have a freight forwarder in the USA, we can suggest one.

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